mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010


Il brand francese nasce nel 1945 da Madame Carven per offrire un lusso accessibile ispirato all'elegante moda parigina.
"The Carven spirit is fresh, lively and elegant.
The future of this illustrious fashion house is now in the hands of Guillaume Henry, who will adapt it to his guise. He is the guardian of the heritage of the Couture years, epitomised by the precision production of a garment and a judicious choice of fabrics.
With its chic, feminine and pared-down fashion, free from ostentation, the House today offers an inspired and accessible ready-to-wear collection."

Inverno 2010

Estate 2011

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ooh-lalà ha detto...

uno più bello dell'altro! adoro Carven.